Boxes and Bubble Wrap

Packing Materials Price List – April 2019

These are our high-quality removals boxes and packing paper, we can courier to anywhere in the UK, please call for a price. Same day delivery available in the M25 area for emergency box deliveries.

For moving and storage clients of Big Red Removals & Storage, all packing material prices have significant discounts on these retail prices. For larger jobs we will do the packing materials at cost price. Call 020 7228 7651 for a quote!

Small Box For all CDs, Books, crockery, china and glassware. These double walled boxes are very strong and should be used for small heavy items. 18″x13″x13″
2 Cubic Feet
Per Box
Large Box These are the ubiquitous removals box and are the right size and strength to carry most items. They should not be over filled with heavy items like books or crockery, but are ideally suited to clothes, bedding, kitchenware and pictures. Per Box
4 Cubic feet
Per Box
Wardrobe Box   These are used for transferring hanging garments between wardrobes, keeping your clothes crease free and fresh. Each box can hold 15-20 shirts or about 6 suits. If they are overfilled the boxes can collapse, dumping the hanging items into the base of the box. Short
18″ x 20″ x 40″
18″ x 20″ x 50″
 Per Box
Bespoke Timber Crates   We can have any size of timber crate made for art work, antique or modern furniture. Please Call
Packing Paper The paper is thicker than newspaper and is acid free, making sure that your items are kept clean and safe. 5kg £8.00+vat
Bubble Wrap Bubble Wrap, ubiquitous air filled plastic for wrapping boxed items. Small bubbled. 1500mm x 100m
500mm x 100m
300mm x 100m
Bubble Blanket This is extremely high quality, tough plastic wrapping with a foam lining. It is used on fragile furniture when moving, storing and on everything when shipping. 1200mm x 100m
1200mm x 1m
Transit Blanket These thick blankets are made from recycled mixed fibres. They are used world wide to protect furniture whilst being moved or in storage. THESE COME FREE WITH YOUR MOVE OR IF YOU STORE WITH US. 600mm x 800mm £5.00+vat
Vinyl Tape Top quality vinyl tape, not too be confused with cheaper, thinner and less sticky parcel tape. Boxes need to be stuck down firmly and tightly to keep the contents from falling out. Per roll £2.00+vat
Mattress Bags Strong clear plastic mattress bags, suitable for wrapping up to a king-size mattress. Super king size mattress will require 2 bags Per item £3.00+vat
Local Delivery We can deliver packaging materials for your move from 8.30am to 5.30pm each week day. Self Packing only. Per delivery £tbc+vat
Out of Hours Delivery For clients not in during the day we offer an evening delivery service from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. Self Packing only. Per delivery £tbc+vat
Congestion Charge Delivery For any delivery of packaging materials in the congestion charging zone we 9.30am to 6pm. Per delivery £tbc+vat
Box Collection We collect and recycle any boxes you have purchased from us; we offer a free collection service so they can be recycled. Boxes need to be dry and in good condition. Please cut the tape rather than pulling it off. Per collection £tbc+vat