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It is well known that moving is one of the most stressful times in anyone's life, so leave it to the best in the business. Big Red Removals have over 10 years of experience in house and flat moves within Marble Arch.

Big Red offer a range of services to suit any move, large or small. We can offer a full or partial packing service to ensure that your precious possessions reach their destination intact. Our experienced and dedicated team of professional removers will ensure that your move goes without a hitch. From offering a full site survey for larger moves to flexible hourly rates for smaller moves, Big Red have got you covered, able to offer the most competitive rates in Marble Arch.

All of our staff are fully trained, uniformed and experienced but most of all they are friendly and happy to help. Our fleet of vans are fully equipped with transit blankets, sofa covers, ties, a skate and a full tool kit.

All removals and storage with Big Red have a range of liability cover values available. We follow the standard accredited codes of practice and you can be assured that Big Red will give you the best removals service in Marble Arch postcode.

Whatever other stresses you have with your move, you can rely on Big Red to ensure that, from start to finish, the removal process is not one of them. Call the Marble Arch removals specialists now on 0207 228 7651.


Parking in Marble Arch

Most of the roads around Marble Arch are controlled parking, and either parking suspensions or dispensations are required. For larger Removals in Marble Arch a parking suspension is a necessity. The suspension has to be booked 10 working days in advance of the required date. These are booked with Westminster council online. For smaller Marble Arch removals, using vans, we can load and unload for short periods on single yellow lines. Otherwise a dispensation would need to be booked, if we are packing and Marble Arch flat moving.

For parking and other council information please click here Westminster Council.

A Little Bit About Marble Arch

Marble Arch is named after a white Carrara marble monument situated near Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

The design by John Nash is based on the triumphal Arch of Constantine in Rome and was originally positioned on the Mall as an entrance to Buckingham Palace.

Construction began in 1827, but was cut short in 1830, following the death of the spendthrift King George IV and the rising costs were unacceptable to the new king, William IV. He later tried to offload the uncompleted palace off onto Parliament as a substitute for the recently destroyed Palace of Westminster.

Work restarted in 1832, this time under the supervision of Edward Blore who greatly reduced Nash’s planned attic stage and omitted its sculpture, including the statue of George IV. The arch was completed in 1833.

The white marble soon lost its light colouring in the polluted London atmosphere. In 1847, Sharpe’s London Magazine described it as “discoloured by smoke and damp, and in appearance resembling a huge sugar erection in a confectioner’s shop window.”

When the Palace was extended in 1851, the arch was moved to the corner of Hyde Park. Contrary to belief that that arch was moved to its current position because the Royal Coach could not fit through the arch, the gold state coach passed under it during Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

The site has an interesting history. Up until the 18th century, Tyburn (now Marble Arch) was the site for public executions and is where 50,000 people died on the gallows.

Situated in London post code W1 and W2, Marble Arch’s primary education includes St James’s and St Michael’s CofE Primary School, St Stephen’s CofE Primary School and Edward Wilson Primary School. For secondary education there is Lansdowne College, College Park School and Westminster Academy.