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Whether you are caught in between completion dates, renting your property in Wandsworth, undertaking building works or travelling overseas, Wandsworth Storage specialists will be able to keep your items safe and sound.

We will collect, store and deliver your property contents; safely and securely in Wandsworth.

A full inventory of the contents of each container can be made. This makes it easier if you wish to extract single items from your container(s) whilst in store. You will find our Storage in Wandsworth rates compare favourably to self storage centres. We provide all options for storage in London. Our purpose built warehouses are clean, dry, secure and equipped with extensive CCTV cover & 24 hour onsite security.

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Parking in Wandsworth

Most of the roads around Wandsworth are controlled parking, and either parking suspensions or dispensations are required. For larger Removals in Wandsworth a parking suspension is a necessity. The suspension has to be booked 5 working days in advance of the required date. These are booked with Wandsworth council online. For smaller Wandsworth removals, using vans, we can load and unload for short periods on single yellow lines. Otherwise a dispensation would need to be booked, if we are packing and Wandsworth flat moving.

For parking and other council information please click here Wandsworth Council.

A Little Bit About Wandsworth

Wandsworth took its names from the Anglo-Saxon Waendelsorde, meaning Waendel’s enclosure and is even mention in the Domesday Book 1086. It is on the Surrey side of the river Thames and is where the river Wandle flows into the Thames.

In the years before electricity was widespread, Wandsworth was filled with gas lamps – and not just on the streets and in the home; Falk’s Veritas gas mantle works, for example, was situated on Garratt Lane, where it made gas mantles to hang above the open flames in street lighting.

But a lot of the gas lamps in Wandsworth weren’t just for lighting – they were there to burn off the dangerous accumulation of sewer gases. A lamp-post would be set on top of a sewer (there was one at the corner of Upper Tooting Road and Trinity Road, for example), and the dangerous emissions that built up in the sewer would flow through to the flame and keep it alight. This meant you could always spot the sewer lamps – they were the ones that burnt all day as well as all night.

The London Borough of Wandsworth is the largest inner London borough with a population of just under 300,000. There are five main town centres in Wandsworth namely Balham, Clapham Junction, Putney, Tooting and Wandsworth.

With a wealth of Parks and open spaces, Wandsworth is a much sought after residential area for families with children. It boasts of good transport links to town and the south of England. Wandsworth Borough Council has the lowest council tax rate in the UK.